Photo of the artist
Deb Anderson, photo ©EthanOliver

I paint foliage, waves and sky in a realistic style. Rich color and energetic brushwork give a sense of immediacy and light, in both outdoor and studio work, across a range of sizes. I focus on the visual patterns and chaos found everywhere in the living world, the texture of foliage, the patterns of water and light, waves and the sky. This practice helps me train my attention on the interconnectedness of all life, and how we are all inseparable from nature and the environment. Connecting with other people through artwork is a wonderful experience. 

I grew up in Michigan, and I was lucky to spend a lot of time roaming outside. Moving to Chicago for college, I experienced the outdoor spaces of the city with a fresh perspective. At North Park University I earned a B.A. in Art.

I now work as an artist, graphic designer and art teacher. I show my artwork in art fairs and galleries. I’ve been honored to receive numerous awards for studio and plein air work, and have sold paintings around the country and internationally. I love teaching art classes for adults and children at Insight Fine Art Studio in Skokie. I’ve been a member of the Glenview Art League for nine years and currently serve as president.